Material Explorations: Waste Streams Programme at Makerversity

My first project as Programme Producer at Makerversity was the delivery of the Waste Streams Exhibition alongside its events and workshops, showcasing works by Makerversity members which aim to incorporate and re-use waste as part of their making and design process. You can read the full blog here!

Extract: “Making sustainable change possible can feel overwhelming when so many products we automatically use or consume within a few minutes can have a long-lasting negative effect on our planet. Yet, our long-term responsibility as individuals can only extend so far as the products available to us as consumers. Radical sustainable change also depends on many wasteful industries being prepared to change the way they work as cheap mass-producers of objects designed to be thrown and replaced. This requires listening to, supporting and working with creative practitioners who can approach a problem from a different viewpoint to change society’s behaviour and perception concerning waste – no longer as a given, but as a precious resource leading to creativity, innovation and social change.”

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