I am a sword lesbian public historian whose aim is to reveal new ways of engaging with arms and armour, history, queer femininist media and their intersections…
⚔️ queer curating and interpretation in museums and heritage
⚔️ the histories and representations of historical warrior women
⚔️ arms & armour in history and media from queer perspectives
I do so in many ways and in many formats!
⚔️ podcasting at Bustles & Broadswords
⚔️ film-making at JoustGalPals on YouTube
⚔️ public speaking, writing and curation…everywhere!
I current work in community engagement at the Museum of London and have previously worked freelance at the Jewish Museum London, National Gallery and National Archives.
You may sometimes encounter me with a moustache as my drag king alter ego Eugène Delacroissant, a flamboyant parody of the patriarchy in museums.
I am also a visual artist who draws a webcomic about girl knights in training, Girls’ School of Knighthood.
Want to work together on a project? Say hi at mead.claire@gmail.com!
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